Laravel developer,
football scout
and racecar fanatic

Hey there, I'm a 33 year old developer from Belgium. Here I can showcase my skills as a Laravel developer. I'm all about building awesome web applications using the Laravel framework. I get a kick out of creating clean, efficient, and innovative solutions that can make my or someone else's life a bit easier.

When I'm not diving into code, you can find me indulging in my favorite hobbies: racing and football. Whether you have a project in mind, want to discuss ideas, or simply want to say hi, feel free to reach out!

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What I've made

Canon van West-Vlaanderen

In the spring of 2023, the Flemish government launched the Flemish canon. In response, I created a funny little page that collected a bunch of funny video's, filmed or typical to the West Flanders province.

Laravel Filament

Team of the Season

The most famous football podcast in Belgium yearly creates a team of the season. With the catch that you can only field one player per club. To have some fun discussing this on Twitter, I created a tool that allows people to make their teams and share them to Twitter or Instagram. I also used the same codebase to do the same for another podcast, KICK&RUSH, focused on the English Premier League.

Laravel Livewire Filament

FPL Discord bot

In an attempt to beat everyone in my Fantasy Premier League mini-competitions, I created small Laravel app that notifies me whenever a gameweek is near. It also sends me an overview of how my selected players performed whenever a game is finished.



Topshots was a daily Wordle-like game where you had to guess a footballer who played in the top Belgian league in the last few decades. It ran for over 300 days and got over 155.000 total participations.

Laravel AlpineJS


Like Topshots, this too was a Twitter Wordle-like game. But not really. In this game, you received an image or a gif of a historic football goal. If you guessed wrong, you get an extra image. It ran for over 160 days and got over 105.000 total visitors.

Laravel AlpineJS

Team Eleven

For my simracing team, I created a simple Craft CMS website that presents the team, focused on the beautiful pictures.

Craft CMS

Setup Sync

For a group of simracing friends, I created a tool where everyone can log-on to and upload their setups. Everyone in the team gets notified on Discord when there are new setups and can download them via a simple downloader-tool.

Laravel VueJS

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Feel free to send me a message if you had something in mind or you want to discuss something.

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